10 - Jan - 2018
from Hannes Heigenhauser

Wintertainment Early Start Langer Zug

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This year, the Lech ski lifts have come up with something very special for early risers. As part of the Wintertainment programme, ski enthusiasts can choose to be the first to explore the Langer Zug or the Zürser Täli in the early morning. Of course we took part and are simply enthusiastic about this new offer.

We start early in the morning....

7:30 am: Meeting point at the Rüfikopf valley station

The dawn is just about to start, but it's still dark. That's how I get to the valley station of the Rüfikopfbahn this morning. A few skiers are already standing at the turnstile and waiting for the first ascent. Katja is also involved and jokes with the lift staff because of the early hour. Point 7:30 Christian from the ski lifts welcomes us and walks with us towards the lift. Ten of us are about to ski dwon the Langer Zug together today. We take the gondola from Lech towards Rüfikopf. The dawn and the lights in Lech create a special atmosphere.

Everyone enjoys the ascent while the Schafalp lift appears below us. Even the last few metres up to the top station we are amazed at the cool glow that dives the mountains into unreal light. After the ascent we go up to the viewing platform Rüfikopf, where we enjoy the 360° panorama.

Viewing Platform Rüfikopf

A cup of tea warms us, while our gaze sweeps over to Wöster and Rauhkopfscharte. The rising sun can only be sensed, but we are happy about every moment we can spend up here. The two ski instructors of the Lech Ski School and Christian explain the various peaks and show us their favourite slopes in the ski area.

Skiing Langer Zug

After a few minutes on the viewing platform we get ready for the descent. The first meters up to the junction to the Langer Zug we warm up, then the skiing pleasure begins. The track is of course in perfect condition, we can enjoy every turn to the full. Christian sets the pace, the ski instructors make sure that no one gets lost early in the morning.


With the Schafalp ski lift we continue to the starting point of the Langer Zug. We are told about the special features of this ski route and get an idea of what it means to groom this steep slope. Then it goes into the descent. Everyone starts concentrated in the upper third until the slope expands. Afterwards we speed up, descend in big turns and put the first traces into the freshly groomed slope.


Through the woodland and above the "Flühenweg" we continue to the Schlosskopf lift. Here, too, we are the first to go up before the actual start of operations. Again and again the view goes back to the Langer Zug, where we just rode down together.

In any case, we are enthusiastic and look forward to the next activities in the Wintertainment program.


The following offers are available in winter 2017/2018:

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