17 - May - 2017
from Hannes Heigenhauser

Time to celebrate and enjoy

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The way that Lech Zürs lives its diversity can be seen in the numerous events that take place in the summer and winter seasons. With the ”Arlberg Music Festival“ and ”Lech Musicians‘ Day“, the region openly devotes itself to tradition and all stops are pulled out for its homeland. At the same time, it offers its guests an insight into its cultivated customs and traditions.

Lech Brass Band performs from 40 to 50 performances a year…

… This number also includes the concerts at the ”Arlberg Music Festival“, which will again take place in Lech in 2017. Founded in 1951 to bring together musicians from the region, the festival has since then been alternately held by the brass bands of Lech, St. Anton, Klosterle and Wald. This means every two years twice as much effort: performing and organizing. The Lech and Zürs people are particularly motivated this year, as the 90th anniversary of Lech Brass Band is to be celebrated as part of the Music Festival. For the current program on the weekend from 14 to 16 July 2017, the band committee has come up with and array of ideas, says chairman Stefan Jochum.

Brassed off...

”On Friday, the Tyrolean formation VIERA BLECH will kick off very loudly, all of them very virtuosic on their brass instruments,“ says Jochum. On Saturday, the JETZENDORFER HINTHOFMUSIKANTEN from Bavaria guarantee a lively atmosphere and on Sunday the WOODYBLECHPECKERS with polka and marches provide for a ”Bohemian-Moravian extravaganza“, so the chairman promises. The absolute highlight of the festival also takes
place on Sunday: during the large festival parade more than 1,500 musicians march through Lech and are greeted by just as many spectators if not more.

Traditions and values

Many locals use the ”Arlberg Music Festival“ as well as ”Lech Musicians‘ Day“ on 29 July 2017 as an excuse to wear their typical Walser costumes. Even if the tradition of the music festival is not particularly old, the annual meeting of the musicians will already be taking place for the tenth time - and it really is quite something, the musicians, singers and dancers  fill the air with music in the truest sense of the word. The opening takes place on the Rüfiplatz, afterwards the groups and ensembles spread themselves out across alpine huts and pastures, terraces and gardens, where they play their tunes. If the weather doesn‘t play along, you‘ll be able to hear them making music in restaurants and pubs.

Save the Date

67th Arlberg Music Festival, 14th to 16th of July

10. Lech Musicians Day, 29th of July 

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