06 - Jun - 2017
from Hannes Heigenhauser

Thinkers and thoughts are welcome

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”Find courage for laziness. Work and its destiny,“ is the title of the Philiosophicum Lech, which will in 2017 once again bring together clever minds from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to the Arlberg. There is a focus: social issues, but there are no simple answers.

Victor Hugo once wrote...

”Philosophy is the microscope of thought.“ 

And it almost seems as if the Philosophicum Lech has taken this as its guiding principle. For twenty years now renowned thinkers of our times have met in the context of the symposium to cultivate a philosophical exchange. The scientific head and philosopher Konrad Paul Liessmann manages to recruit high-profile philosophers such as Peter Sloterdijk, Rüdiger Safranski and Richard David Precht for the event in Lech every year.

Open up the vista...

... The impressive mountain panorama of the region seems to make an important contribution to clearing your head and giving more space to your thoughts than stressful everyday life permits. Interest in participating in the Lech Philosophicum has definitely risen in recent years. The event is open to everyone who would like to participate in an exchange of thoughts and opinions on relevant questions of our times. In order to maintain the special, almost family atmosphere, the symposium has reached its capacity limits with a total of around 600 participants. If you want to participate in 2017, you should register as early as possible.

The Philosophicum Lech sees itself as a platform for not only philosophical but also cultural and social science exchange. The theme of diversity is always present: in 2016 God and the world and the question of philosophizing in troubled times, the fascination of evil, the art between asceticism and religion in modern times were on the agenda.

Tried and tested routine...

... As varied as the theme repertoire of the Philosophicum Lech may be, so established is the agenda of the program. In 2017, as usual, the philosophical-literary evening opens the debate. There will also be a so-called magna impulse forum, where a small round of panel guests will examine the topic of this year‘s Philosophicum from different perspectives. Additionally, internationally renowned experts, thinkers and researchers will give their lectures, which are always accompanied by an audience discussion.

Philosophicum Lech

The next Lech Philosophicum takes place under the motto ”Find courage for laziness. Work and its destiny“ from 20 to 24 September 2017. Further information is available at www.philosophicum.com.

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