20 - Nov - 2017
from Hannes Heigenhauser

Skiing at dawn

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The sun hasn't even really risen yet, the alarm clock is getting us out of our warm bed. After all, today we want to go together with the lift staff of the Lech ski lifts to the top station of the Schlegelkopf to draw the first traces in fresh powder snow. This is probably enough to motivate us, because at 6:30 a. m. the four of us are standing at the entrance of the Lech Zürs Tourismus in time to change for our skiing adventure.

7:00 am - Ascent by cable car

Short greetings, a friendly smile, and the lift employees are on their way up. The staff takes care of the revision of the various lifts and that the snowmaking system runs smoothly. Especially when it's getting warmer, a sure instinct is needed to ensure that the snow cannons produce optimal snow.

7:15 - Delight at dawn

 Arriving at the top we look down towards Lech and marvel at the dawn, which dives the ridges and spines of the Wöster and Valluga into unreal light. We fully enjoy these moments of the pure mountain experience and admire how the atmosphere in the Arlberg mountains changes almost every minute. After a few minutes the buzzing of the snow cannons travels us out of this short trance and we start to prepare for the descent.

7:30 - Skiing to Lech

Already after the first few turns, Markus emits a loud shout of excitement, as the new snow is perfect. It had snowed just under 20 centimetres in the night before, and a sturdy lid has already formed underneath. So we can swing perfectly towards the valley and fully enjoy every turn.

Arrived at the end of the descent, we fall into each other's arms with joy and review the descent in front of our eyes. After a few moments - at the beginning of the season probably also to get a calm pulse - we head back to the office.

We are already looking forward to the next excursion into the snow-covered mountains around Lech Zürs am Arlberg!!

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