06 - Jun - 2017
from Hannes Heigenhauser

Power has its source in the community

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From songs by the British pop icon Adele to the classic Bohemian-Moravian Slavonicka polka, the repertoire of Lech Brass Band is huge. This traditional music association has been around for 90 years and the band members also cover a wide range of ages from 15 to 70 years old.

The camaraderie among the band is one of the most important aspects...

... that makes the association what it is, says Gebhard Pichler, drummer of the brass band and who has been on the scene for eleven years. This also motivates young people to want to become part of the group. It all started with young people back in 1927: two men Engelbert Wolf and Meinrad Zimmermann had the idea of setting up their own band in Lech after they‘d been to a music festival in the Bregenzerwald, a nearby valley. They spoke to other young people between the ages of 16 and 19 who were equally enthusiastic. To start with the idea was not so popular. The mayor at the time thought it was ”immoral“, and it was only a loan from the innkeeper of The Krone, Mr Pfefferkorn, that enabled the purchase of instruments and thus the start of ”Bürgerermusik Tannberg“ as the brass band was called back then.

Strong together...

... Today the club plays an important role in Lech Zürs. It fulfils integrative tasks and cultivates traditional values of the region with its music. That is a reason why all the 50 members always appear in costume. At first their ”ancestors“ played in their Sunday best, but it wasn‘t long before the desire to look uniform was expressed. Once kitted out, these clothes were around for a long time, it was only in 1997 that the musicians decided on something new: the Walser traditional costume. Lech Brass Band‘s skills have steadily increased over the past decades, which is largely thanks to the bandleaders. They have shown great commitment and dedicated their time to the musicianship of the musicians. Today, the band rehearses once a week and has 50 performances per year. Not always the whole ensemble is on the road: there are also sub-ensembles like the ”small lot“, which with ten to twelve musicians is jokingly known as the ”special force“ of the brass band.


With plentiful performances in Lech Zürs, as well as throughout the whole of Austria and abroad, Lech Brass Band has become an important advertising and cultural messenger for the whole region.


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