05 - Feb - 2018
from Hannes Heigenhauser

Powder snow fun de Luxe

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Last weekend I was allowed to spend a day with the off-piste groups of the Lech Ski School. It was an absolute highlight and one immediately notices how demanding it is to guide all guests safely and with joy for a whole week.

Starting at 09:30

The weather forecast for Sunday is very promising and the number of predicted hours of sunshine increases as Sunday approaches. Sunday is also traditionally the first day of the lessons at the Lech Ski School. Shortly after 9:00 a. m. I stand at the meeting point, where Christian the ski school director and Gisbert greet me. Finally, I am assigned to Daniel Schwarz, who is taking me with him today. Right on time at 9:30 p. m. we start and go up to the Kriegerhorn, where Daniel performs the Pieps-Check and explains his "rules" for the course.

First Run

Together we head to the Steinmähder, where we ski towards Spielmähder. This variant is not difficult and allows Daniel to assess the group perfectly without taking any risks. Nevertheless, we can already enjoy the first descent in untouched powder snow. The gaze wanders around in the direction of Kriegerhorn / Balmalp and Omeshorn, while we watch the group members swinging. The atmosphere is immediately exuberant and the group fits together perfectly.


After this first fantastic descent, we descend via the Zugertobel to Zug. We take advantage of every opportunity to take a few turns in deep powder snow before the Zugerbergbahn takes us back uphill again. The radiant faces of the group show the anticipation for the next descent. Back on top of the Steinmähder Daniel decides to ski with us in the direction of Schröcken.

Fantastic downhill run - source: Skischule Lech

In terms of landscape, this descent is the highlight of the day. Frozen waterfalls, high cliffs and in the middle of it we leave our tracks in the snow. Of course we had to hike a little too, but we are happy to accept that when we are rewarded with such wonderful descents. The ski shuttle takes us back up to the Warth Schröcken ski area, where the next powder snow runs are waiting for us below the Auenfelder Horn. Pleasure - Pure!

Slowly we feel hungry and on the first day of the ski course our legs get tired faster than usual. Nevertheless we don't go back with the gondola. Someone in the group jokingly says that it is probably forbidden by law for a ski guide to return with the Auenfeldjet. Smilingly Daniel denies that this is the case and takes off with us on skis towards Stubenbach. The last part to the bus stop we push and reach punctually at 13:45 the bus towards Lech. Now we've earned the ski snack. 

At this point I would like to thank the Lech Ski School and ski guide Daniel Schwarz!

All information about the ski schools in Lech Zürs can be found here:


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