17 - Jun - 2016
from Nicole Trinker

FIVE new lifts and two new ski huts in Lech Zürs am Arlberg

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In winter 2016/17, all visitors to Lech Zürs am Arlberg can look forward to numerous new features. In addition to the new Flexenbahn lift, which supplements the Arlberg ski area and provides a lift connection between Zürs and Stuben, the Trittkopfbahn has been rebuilt in two separate sections, and the Albonabahn 2 is also new. And that's not all: the Oberlech lift also has a new look and provides more comfort.

Cable car Lech - Oberlech

Following positive building negotiations on 15 April and a decision made by the BMVIT, it is now official. The cable car Lech - Oberlech will be replaced by an entirely new two-track aerial tramway with capacity for 2 x 80 people (former capacity: 32 people). The new cable car will follow the previous route from the centre of Lech to Oberlech and then meet the existing tunnel system that provides an underground connection to the hotels there and keeps Oberlech car-free during winter. The station building will be completely renovated.

The cable car Lech - Oberlech  will also be able to transport all the luggage to and from Oberlech, as well as pedestrians, skiers and tobogganists using the dedicated toboggan run. The new valley station is designed so that, upon completion of the underground garage on the current postal services area, all the transportation of luggage to and from guests' cars can be carried out underground, in the basement. This should ease the traffic situation in the resort centre in the future and make queues and waiting times a thing of the past. The transportation of luggage to and from the mountain station by the hotels will be carried out via the Oberlech tunnel system.

Details of the new cabel car Lech - Oberlech

Valley station: 1,434 m
Mountain station: 1,649 m
Height difference: 215 m
Cableway length: 845 m
Transport capacity: 1,235 people/h
80 people per cabin
Cabin manufacturer: CARVATECH, Fatzer cables
Cable car controls: FREY Austria

Two new restaurants in the ski area

Investments have not just been made in new lifts. In order to further improve the services available to our guests, two new culinary establishments are being set up in the Lech Zürs ski resort.

Schlegelkopf Restaurant

The new Schlegelkopf Restaurant, located where the Frozen Icebar once stood, is being built on three levels with a terrace. There will also be an outdoor bar with magnificent views over Lech.

The new restaurant's concept integrates the three partner locations Kampen, Beaver Creek and Hakuba-Happo, and of course Lech itself. Information and downloads are available at www.skiarlberg.at.

The Wolf - the ski hut

"The Wolf" ski hut is new and is being built between the Petersboden mountain station and Weibermahd. It will provide seating for 50 inside and 50 outside. The ski hut is owned by Christian Wolf. The food and drink available will cater for everything from breakfast and lunch to après-ski. The Wolf ski hut will really shine with its typical timber frame construction and exposed concrete elements. Summer guests can also make use of the new facilities. Christian Wolf, who runs the hut, is planning to keep it open during summer 2017.

All interested parties can follow the progress of the construction work at:www.derwolf.ski

We are also following how work is progressing on the exciting building sites via our social media channels, such as Instagram: www.instagram.com/lechzuers


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