06 - Jun - 2017
from Hannes Heigenhauser

Masterly sounds

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”Lech Classic Festival“ will be a bigger affair in the summer of 2017 and this will be twofold: first of all the sixth edition of the high-calibre series of concerts will go ahead: and secondly, the huge amount of interest in the event has led to an extension of the festival by one day. The program from 31 July to 5 August 2017 will focus on the international greats of classical music that will meet the high expectations of the audience.

In order to reach and please the audience at ”Lech Classic Festival“ both new and extensive planning are on the agenda. ”Our guests are becoming more demanding and, quite rightly so, they compare us to other concert series and, of course, also criticize,“ says Marlies Wagner, initiator and organizer of the festival. All the suggestions were taken to heart and incorporated into the current selection of musicians, composers and music.

The results speak for themselves...

... Not only well-known and internationally tried and tested vocal and instrumental soloists perform. The festival orchestra and choir are made up of the best Central European ensembles as well. Additionally, the New Church of Lech as a venue provides excellent acoustics where the level of compositions and interpretations can find full expression. ”Whether easier sounds or leading scores, The New Church of Lech provides a musical space for audience and musicians that allows for a particularly intense experience,“ according to the organizer.

Venetian sounds...

... One of the program highlights is the ”Venetian Evening“ that includes, among others, the baroque concerts of Antonio Vivaldi, the ”Carnival in Venice“ by Niccolo Paganini and a potpourri of the Strauss operetta ”A Night in Venice“. Just as important is the concert evening with famous opera choirs performing amongst others pieces by Albert Lortzing, Vincenzo Bellini and Giacomo Puccini. ”The final concert is dedicated to ”Creation“ by Joseph Haydn,“ reveals Marlies Wagner. ”This oratorio for choir, orchestra and soloists belongs to the most beautiful and most striking of its kind.“ 

Alongside the music the scenery of the Arlberg mountain panorama nicely rounds off the ”Lech Classic Festival“. ”It‘s our goal to make the music resound with the audience for as along as possible and to make them look forward to the next concert series when they leave,“ says Marlies Wagner. Further information as well as the program can be found at www.lechclassicfestival.com.

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