12 - Dec - 2017
from Hannes Heigenhauser

When gondolas dance and mountains shine

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Every year, the gondolas of the Rüfikopfbahn turn into disco balls for a long night and the Rüfikopf becomes an open stage for a special kind of music experience. In addition, there are the light installations that decorate mountain peaks and ski slopes with colourful colours and motifs. A special and probably unique mixture of art, music, dance, light installation and the mountain world of Lech Zürs, which fascinates visitors. 

Opening at Rüfiplatz

After months of preparations, intensive planning and the search for the best artists, this energy is released with an impressive light show at Rüfiplatz. The first visitors are immediately electrified and go through a black tunnel with immersive light and sound effects to the gondolas. The passage uphill trembles under the rhythm of the bass, which simulates and stimulates the heartbeat of the visitors. The light flickers, bright lights alternate with complete darkness. Light rays of light repeatedly break through this darkness and point the way up to the entrance of the gondolas.

Disco Gondolas

Even before we board the Disco Gondola, swinging beats come towards us. TJ Hicks and his tracks create a great atmosphere while we float upwards like in a brightly lit UFO. Lech shines brightly on this starry night. Just this view of Lech by night is a magical experience. 

At the gondola rail support in the middle, the party gondola swings back and forth. While you can hear a "Wuuh" on ski days, tonight the whole gondola sounds a loud cry of excitement. That's how you create the mood! 

Rüfikopf - Party and Art

The gondola slows down and begins its docking manoeuvre at the top station of Rüfikopf. Passengers enter the Fantastic Gondolas area or go back down to party in the gondola. I go outside and the sight almost takes my breath away....

Open Air

The light installations illuminate the surrounding mountains in changing motifs, while YouAndMe makes the partygoers dance with wild beats. The night is cold and starry. So we can enjoy every moment and see the surrounding mountains shimmering dark in starlight. It is already clear that this will be a top event for every taste. We enjoy the light show and watch how the area in front of the outdoor stage fills up more and more, before we set off for the Kästle Museum to celebrate further inside and see Trommelwirbel live in action. 

Kästle Museum

Inside, there is a lot of activity and the artists alternate throughout the night with the motifs on the mountain peaks outside. The result is a colourful mix of different sensations that attracts every visitor and encourages them to dance. Hours go by like minutes, the time is measured by the beats of the DJs at the console. In between, the disco gondolas are frequently used to follow other artists on their ascent and descent. 


Shortly after midnight we are drawn to the outdoor stage to listen to Tom Findlay's concert. The Grammy Nominee wins us over from the first beat with its mixture of calm and ecstatically accelerating sounds. At about 1 o' clock in the morning the party comes to an end for us and we go one last time down with the gondola. With the view down to Lech, reality catches up with us. We felt we were on a foreign planet for several hours. The beat of the music still resonates a little bit in your head as we go home. The anticipation of Fantastic Gondolas 2018 is already there!!

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