18 - Dec - 2017
from Jodok Müller

Time capsules as witnesses of the times

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Nothing characterizes the town of Lech like its steeple. All right, the people who live here also shape the place. And the mountains. Sure. But for us Lecher, the church tower is a symbol of homeland. Like our Tour d' Eiffel or Big Ben. And everyone can identify with it. Even those who don't go to church every Sunday. This is beautiful. But it's getting old, our tower. The shingles are old and rotten and must be renewed. It's raining in. And soon the birds could nest there if we don't take care of the tower and its dome.

Church Tower 2080

With the project Church Tower 2080 we do not simply want to ask for donations. We also want to give something back to the donors: 111 time capsules the size of a thermos flask. Each dispenser can fill these individually. With written thoughts, wishes and maybe tasks. Or a gold coin to finance the next repair that will be necessary around 2080. All capsules are sealed and stored in a welded, large time capsule, directly in the dome of the tower. The time capsule may only be opened at the next shingle roofing - with the requirement to organize an exhibition with the capsule contents. The tasks set must be implemented.

Participate Now...

So our generation lives on in the next but one. And our church tower can serve us, our children and grandchildren as a symbol of home. The cost of repairing the church tower is 180,000 euros. The church pays 80,000 euros, the rest remains on our shoulders. Each time capsule costs 988 Euro. It can be purchased on its own or in a collective and can of course also be given away as a gift. After each Holy Mass, Father Jodok Müller keeps the book for registration in the sacristy. The registration period has started with the divine service on 1st Advent Sunday. Capsule and payment slip are handed out immediately. The time capsule will be brought into the cupola in summer as part of a benefit event.


Detailed information about the time capsule can be found at the parish of Lech:

E-Mail: pfarramt@pfarre-lech.at

Phone: +43 5583 2512

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