30 - Oct - 2017
from Hannes Heigenhauser

Hiking and Mountaineering in October

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The days are getting shorter, the mountain meadows are glowing in autumnal colours and the temperatures are more likely to announce the approaching winter.
But October is one of the most beautiful months for hikers. Stable weather conditions allow for longer tours and the pleasant cool temperatures make a longer walk a pleasure.

So I decided to go up to the Göppinger Hütte together with ski instructors in Lech to explore the area for the winter. It was definitely worth it.

07:00 a. m. - The alarm clock rings

It is cold this Sunday morning, a thick layer of ripening covers the meadows in front of my apartment. After a short breakfast I am already eagerly awaited by Daniel and Verena. Daniel has been working as a ski guide in Lech for 3 seasons now and already knows most of the variants and freeride runs. But that's precisely why he wants to go to the Göppingen hut to discover a few more tours:

"Maybe something new for the winter."

Together we pick up the fourth one - Maggi - from home and set off towards Älpele.

08:30 - Departure

From Älpele a gravel road leads us towards Göppinger Hütte. The initial tiredness is "wandered away"in the first few minutes, then it goes up in a rapid step. While it is still cool in the shade, it gets warm at the latest from the transition to the hiking trail, where the sun welcomes us, and we take a short break. 

10:00 - Göppinger Hütte

A lonely roaring stag fills the whole Zugertal valley with its rutting sounds. The shady slopes, on which snow already covers large parts of the surface, are becoming increasingly visible. On the other hand, it is pleasantly warm in the sunshine, so that we hardly notice the distance to the Göppingen hut.

Start Up Hochlichtspitze

Nevertheless, snow-covered areas and autumnal meadows alternate at this height within a few metres. We decide to climb the Hochlichtspitze (2,600 meters) as the trail runs mostly on the sunny side of the mountain.

So we deposit our snacks in the snow in front of the hut (thanks to Daniel and Verena for carrying the food for everyone) in order to enjoy the chilled drinks and snacks in the sunshine on our return.

Way to the summit

The panorama on the way to the summit couldn't be more beautiful. Again and again we look towards the High Ifen and the other mountains of the western Allgäu Alps. Directly behind us, the western Johanneskopf already shines snow-covered in the midday sun.
The trail becomes considerably steeper and more alpine a few metres behind the hut. In serpentines we continue uphill until we finally climb the last half hour to the summit in a rugged rock.

Enjoyment in the sun

We are certainly not the only ones, the autumn sun also invites the animal world to rest. So I guess we're no more of an annoying disturbance to the Capricorn. However, he does not allow himself to be distracted by us in his idleness, even if he observes us with interest.

summit panoramic view

Happily we reach the summit cross and marvel at the breathtaking mountain panorama that is waiting for us. Directly behind the summit cross, a thick layer of ice and snow has already formed in the shade.
Daniel looks around and discovers several worthwhile descents. At least his view says that the climb was worthwhile also with regard to the coming winter.


After a short rest at the summit we start our descent to the Göppinger Hütte at about 13:00. The snowfields, which are directly adjacent to the path, are of course used for short slide runs. Arriving at the hut, we take off our shoes on the terrace and enjoy the warm autumn sun. 

With the sun getting deeper and deeper we set off again towards Älpele. Again and again, the view goes around the Lecher mountains to fully enjoy the beauty of this mountain landscape. In a few weeks the mountains will be covered with snow again. The anticipation of exploring these mountains on skis rises with every metre we walk towards the valley instead of skiing.

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