Off to the Göppinger hut

Last Sunday we got up a little earlier to do one of my favourite hikes to the Göppinger hut...
We put something to drink and a few nuts in our backpack, apply sunscreen and off we go. With the bus no. 4 we drove to Oberlech, from there we walked over the Petersboden in direction Kriegeralpe.

From here it is not far to the turnoff towards Lake Butzensee.
It is incredible what a variety of flowers and herbs accompanies us. Cobbler's nails, or spring gentian, are actually spring flowers, as the name suggests. Cabbage diesteln, in the herbal hike I learned that you can cut the fine leaves into the salad during flowering, taste a bit bitter.
In dialect we call them the "wild men", they come from the family of the anemones.


The ideal place for a frog wedding... ;). The view of the plaster holes with the Kriegeralp lake and the Kriegerhorn in the background is always captivating, as many different details can be seen.

This boulder is strikingly on its way to Lake Butzensee.
Just around the corner and here he is.....
A brave person even bathed in it. The play of colours in the lake reminds me of a beautiful sea. The contrast of the mountain landscape is impressive.

The peacock's eyes also liked it here, we were allowed to observe some of them. The path to the Butzensattel is a bit steep, you have to pay attention to the path, so that you can follow the marked

The view rewards the effort. We called this view the "3-lake view". From left to right you can see Körbersee, Butzensee and Kriegeralp See. From here it takes about 1.5 hours to walk. Behind the edge lies our destination, the Göppinger hut. We enjoy the silence, the view and the benefits of hiking. Of course we are looking forward to a cool cyclist and a hearty snack. 

Here it is, the Göppingen hut.
The view of the surrounding mountains is clear and gives us some thinking tasks. What are the names of the mountains around? It is always amazing how different a mountain looks from another side.

For example, "our majestic Omeshorn" is hardly recognizable here. Strengthened we start the descent towards Älpele. It is about an hour's walk and we pass alpine roses on the north side, which are surprisingly still in bloom.

Arrived at the Älpele we stop briefly to finish the wonderful hiking day with cake and coffee. Happy, with a pleasant tiredness we drive with the panorama bus back to Lech.